QuarkXPress 10: what to expect

It’s no secret Quark has lost many QuarkXPress users to Adobe InDesign CS over the past years. If you thought the company would see this as a reason not to upgrade QuarkXPress and try win over InDesign users again, you were wrong. And with version 10, QuarkXPress might win over even hard-core InDesign users.

Big data publishing: too good to be true

Cross-referencing and analysing huge amounts of data and reporting on your findings is what we understand to be big data publishing. It’s the new buzzword in publishing because it has the potential to open up new opportunities for making money with content. But big data analysis is extremely difficult and expensive.

How online publishers implement a paywall determines its success

Metered or paywall-limited access to online and digital publications is the buzz these days, but it takes more than a pay button to make it work. Press+ is one of the platforms that got a bit of coverage lately. A platform that has had some success in the Eastern part of the EU is Piano Media. Piano Media has recently started to penetrate the Western part of the EU so it’s interesting to see what makes their offering successful.

IMPACTTRACKER analyses texts’ influence; AllYours notifies of interesting online events without privacy breach

The EU often funds academic research that can lead to business applications. The goal is to put European firms at the forefront of technology. Two interesting projects are reaching their conclusion. One is an application with which you can measure a text’s influence across the Internet. The other analyses online events and pushes personalised notifications to the user without storing data on remote servers (and therefore keeping privacy issues at bay).

Big Data in publishing: pitfalls

A group of 80 journalists across multiple EU-countries decided to go on a Big Data analysis adventure. They wanted to expose tax fraudsters in the EU. The results were so-and-so. It shows that Big Data needs Big Brains and a new kind of self-discipline.

How to prevent spammers from using your mail server as their own

When we write about CMS or Web CMS, we think of WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal and what you can do with those systems. But we never think of the servers on which these run, and the many ways people with bad intentions can use them to harass or hurt others. Here’s at least one tip to prevent spammers from using your mail server as their own.

Guide to publishing in 2013: the basics of content creation

There are several challenges when publishing and creating content. The most important is the ability to create a storyline that you can gradually reveal over the 300 to 1,000 words a story usually holds. This can be in writing, but in the digital age it can just as well be an audio recording with you […]

Linking to your site is copyright infringement?

I read a group of Irish newspapers is trying to convince their government that links should be paid for. If you link to a page on their site, you should pay them for the link. Peculiar or not?

Combine DAM benefits with strong publishing capabilities and you’ll get PublishingNOW! – a report

Van Gennep, a Dutch developer of publishing systems, made a name and a reputation for itself with its editorial flat plans, which have been copied by others but never with the same feature richness. Flat plans are still an integral part of Van Gennep’s current flagship product: PublishingNOW!, but the unique feature that sets PublishingNOW! apart from everything else out there is its DAM foundation.

Statwing, a new cloud-based statistics service

I came across this new statistics service, cloud-based and all. Why would anyone want to create statistical analyses with Statwing instead of SPSS or Excel even? I asked Co-founder Greg Laughlin, and this is what he told me.