Relevanssi search better than WordPress’s (review)

Relevanssi search engine for WordPress

When searching for a story using WordPress’s own search your users will end up frustrated at the low relevance of the results. Using Relevanssi will make your users a lot more happy. Relevanssi is a plug-in that comes in a free and a premium version.

Going from InDesign print layouts to iPad publications


Twixl media is the Belgian developer of Twixl Publisher, an iPad publishing solution. Twixl Publisher is an InDesign based solution for transmigrating a printed publication to the iPad. That made me think: how do Adobe-based software vendors understand this transmigration anyway?

Book review: CSS Cookbook

Christopher Schmitt’s CSS cookbook is exactly that: a book full of ‘recipes’ for CSS. Schmitt tackles CSS problems in a straightforward and structured way, ensuring you quickly get to the heart of the solution.

Short List of Publishing & Editorial Systems

The Short List of Publishing & Editorial Systems is a list of over 30 systems for publishing. Each entry is listed with a live link to the vendor’s home page and a short description of the system is provided.

Dreamweaver and Contribute CS4 Combine to Create Powerful Web Design and Authoring Environment

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is the industry standard for developing websites. Together with Contribute CS4, it can be used as a lightweight Web Content Management System (CMS) for small workgroups. With the Contribute Server, the workgroups can grow bigger. But even if a site has been created and Contribute is not available, Dreamweaver’s InContext Editing allows end users to make simple edits to pages.

First release of UC capable publishing system at Ifra

At Ifra 2009, Quark is going to announce its strategy for next year, new features for Quark Publishing System, and a collaboration platform (Unified Communications) for publishers that was jointly developed with Microsoft.

GridIron Flow silently tracks creative projects and time spent on them in realtime

Flow is a workflow tool for creative professionals, including 3D artists, photographers, and users of Adobe’s CS3 and CS4 suites. It sits quiet in the background, tracking files in realtime, watching your moves, actions, the files involved, etc. Flow has versioning, time tracking, and powerful search and find capabilities. It’s a creative user’s dream come true, although in its current first version it still has a few rough edges.

Portfolio Server 9 uses MediaRich media server

Extensis Portfolio must be one of the most used Digital Asset Management systems in the world. In the Server version 9 edition, Portfolio gains media processing through Equilibrium's MediaRich server, better Web client and Web administration support and optional integration with SQL databases.

Final Cut Server Multi-media Production DAM beats competition in price and ease-of-use

Apple developed Final Cut Server as a natural extension to Final Cut Studio. Final Cut Server is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system targeted at production environments. These can be TV stations, video production houses, advertising agencies, but also multi-media editors and film producers.

Universal Type Server

Managing fonts becomes a breeze with Extensis’ latest and completely re-designed font server.How many fonts are there on your system? On mine, there are some 800, of which only some twenty complete font families. I haven’t purchased those fonts, with the exception of a few. They all came with an Adobe installation, or as a […]