Equilibrium launched new MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 4.3

Equilibrium launched its new release of MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 4.3. It has a number of new features and improvements that will appeal to online publishers using Microsoft’s collaboration software.

The Instant-On capability has been expanded throughout SharePoint 2010/2013. By simply turning on in any library, Search and Enterprise Search now has Visualization, multi-page UniZoom and playback of all of your files. Equilibrium says just about any SharePoint Document or Asset Library can be upgraded to have their scalable visualization technology.

Expanded Instant-On: One–click Export, Add-to MediaCart, and Zip and Download provides Equilibrium’s MediaRich Image Workspace capabilities throughout SharePoint and in search results pages. It should be easy to transform a single asset, or process batches of content, all in your customized and existing libraries.

Equilibrium’s UniZoom technology provides view-anywhere in any device. It has been seamlessly integrated for all of their 400+ image, animation and digital video filetypes. This provides a full screen multi-page viewer at-scale.

HTML5 video playback for all devices and browsers: From IE7 with Flash players, to Windows Phones, to iPad’s with Retina displays. Equilibrium’s auto-conformance technology should allow for just about any video filetype to be uploaded and maintained in SharePoint and then be made available for all devices to be viewed from right inside any library.

The company claims no “pre-transcoding”, or plug-ins are required. The new release is also multi-lingual: French, German, Dutch, and English, which is perfect for multi-national organizations.

Equilibrium’s patented on-the-fly MediaRich engine (that’s also present in Extensis’ Portfolio DAM) provides automatic and dynamic multi-page and video rendering with optimized bandwidth on the server-side and elimination of original-file download requirements by end users.
This result in View-Anywhere capabilities for all smart devices from within SharePoint without the impact on your SQL server farm, and compatible with BLOB storage.


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