Combine DAM benefits with strong publishing capabilities and you’ll get PublishingNOW! – a report

Van Gennep, a Dutch developer of publishing systems, made a name and a reputation for itself with its editorial flat plans, which have been copied by others but never with the same feature richness. Flat plans are still an integral part of Van Gennep’s current flagship product: PublishingNOW!, but the unique feature that sets PublishingNOW! apart from everything else out there is its DAM foundation.

While Van Gennep’s systems are well-known and broadly used by large magazine publishers in Europe and the US, its new DAM based publishing platform is a viable choice for a much broader market, including corporate, marketing and governmental publishing. A publishing system that taps into a DAM system directly is usable in more markets than other publishing systems. PublishingNOW! does this. The main benefit is — among others — that PublishingNOW! users don’t deposit their assets in a silo system. Instead, they directly ingest text, images, video, and every digital asset they can think of, in a DAM system that puts these assets immediately available to other users as well (think marketing, legal, etc.).

Multinational corporate marketers will therefore like the cost savings that can be achieved with a DAM based platform, while the end-users will love the clean and user-friendly browser-based interface.

Van Gennep sees publishers slowly moving towards digital publishing, but as a rule finds that digital output channels are considered to be much more complex than print, which publishing houses are used to. Especially the business model remains unclear. While PublishingNOW! cannot invent a business model that is profitable, it does help fight the uncertainty by delivering capabilities the market needs, such as social media integration, local and mobile publishing, and basic video editing.

PublishingNOW! is less about output management than it is about content management. That is what makes this system a strong contender in a market that is characterised by systems that keep insisting on workflows targeting (printed, mainly) output instead of content.

Download the entire report in PDF format here for free.