Picturepark YouTube connector uploads and streams movies

Picturepark, the Swiss DAM developer announced a new integration that enables its users to easily upload their videos to YouTube, and also leverage the popular video service to reduce the bandwidth costs of streaming video directly from the Cloud. But it doesn’t tell you which transcoding engine it’s using.

Picturepark’s focus lies with metadata. The fields inside Picturepark can be used for YouTube’s Title, Description and Tags fields, enabling users to provide SEO-optimized content. Upload and take-down date fields can be used to determine when a video should be posted and later removed. And the video’s embed link can be sent back to Picturepark where it can be used and shared.

That’s all good and nice, but by just uploading a movie to YouTube, you rely on the service for the transcoding job, and that’s where it might go wrong. Unlike some of its competitors, Picturepark doesn’t tell you which encoding engine it’s using, so my guess is that it’s using YouTube’s. The quality of YouTube transcoding is not as good as it should. Compare YouTube movies with Vimeo ones, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The best would be to integrate with an automatic encoding engine, such as the ones provided by Telestream Episode or the MediaRich platform. Such an integration allows you to control the encoding yourself and choose the best codec, best settings, etc. Only then can you guarantee best quality, even on YouTube.

After all, a bad quality video gives a very bad impression.

Picturepark Publisher customers who have integrated Picturepark into their websites or intranets will be able to stream video directly from YouTube. When a Picturepark video is previewed via Picturepark Publisher, the video stream can be delivered by YouTube instead of Picturepark. This ensures consistent video streaming performance worldwide, and it can result in significant cost savings for Picturepark Cloud customers.

YouTube Connector is available now from Picturepark and Picturepark partners worldwide.


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