Book review: DAM Survival Guide

When David Diamond was still busy writing his DAM Survival Guide, he gave me the opportunity to comment on his style and the book’s contents. Now the book is available at, I felt the time is right to review the DAM Survival Guide.

David Diamond is not an unknown to the DAM community. He has worked as a director with at least two DAM vendors, and was in-between jobs when he wrote this book. You will therefore not find product recommendations in the DAM Survival Guide or otherwise biased information.

The title of mr. Diamond’s book sure isn’t out of tune with the content. This is a guide — it’s almost a blueprint for a successful DAM implementation — that will take you through Digital Asset Management from the basics to the advanced. The book starts with what many people and businesses still don’t understand: what DAM is, what an asset is, and how it differs from a file in the file system.

The DAM Survival Guide explains how every DAM works on the most basic level, then gradually builds up to all the processes and management considerations surrounding it. Mr. Diamond also explains how to plan for Digital Asset Management, what to look for in a product, and even how you should manage staffing around a DAM system.

The book further discusses file formats, processing issues, and all sorts of software and management considerations, but to me, the most revealing part of the book is where mr. Diamond explains how DAM should integrate with other technologies. Publishing is covered — sure thing — as it is the most obvious and traditional integration anyone will think of when considering managing and reusing digital assets.

But mr. Diamond also discusses the integration with social media, as the next frontier in “publishing”, and how DAM can contribute to effective social media marketing, content creation and content curation.

After having spent some considerable time with it, I can safely say that when you’ve read the DAM Survival Guide, the next time you negotiate with a vendor or try to evaluate the value of a system for your business, you won’t have many blanks left for a vendor to fill in with marketing babble. It therefore is a book I warmly recommend.

The DAM Survival Guide is an eBook, has 194 pages, and can be purchased at