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Quark Software introduces Procedure Management Solution for Global 2000

Quark Software has introduced Quark Procedure Management, a new knowledge management solution that enables large enterprises to streamline the creation, management and publishing of policies and procedures. With Quark Procedure Management, corporate writers and subject matter experts create reusable content that is easy to save, search and update, which is critical when content is susceptible to risk and compliance issues. Examples of policies and procedures include employee manuals, field instructions, medical responses, banking processes, call center training manuals and other standard operating procedures.

Print still king for digital natives

Now here’s something out-of-the-ordinary. A new study reveals millennial readers across the US and the UK prefer to read print books and browse book shops. Publishing Technology held a survey polling 2,000 consumers across the US and UK, aged between 18 and 34. According to the survey nearly twice as many respondents had read a print book (71%) than there were who had read an ebook on any device in the last year. The closest runner-up was a tablet (37%). Young consumers too showed little loyalty to reading e-books on dedicated e-readers (29%), mobile phones (27%) and personal computers (25%).

Bissinger+ Opts for vjoon K4

vjoon, a leading global provider of software solutions for managing digital content, announced that media agency BISSINGER[+] has opted for vjoon K4 and is already using the cross-media publishing platform’s highly automated workflows to prepare Evonik’s media collateral.

L’APPART: Luxury Magazine App created goes global

Quark Software announced the availability of the L’APPART app, an interactive iPhone and iPad app version of the French luxury magazine. Each month L’APPART provides readers from around the globe the latest news about property, design, hotels, palaces, watches and automobiles. In addition to a range of articles, the new interactive app will feature videos, audio, slideshows, Web links and 360° views as well as geolocation and online reservation features.

Publishing Technology launches new interface and enhanced features for ingentaconnect

Publishing Technology, the leading provider of content services to the publishing industry, has announced a new interface for its ingentaconnect platform, the world’s largest resource for scholarly publications.

Cloud Technology Partners launches PaaSLane v2.5 Cloud Application Transformation Solution

Cloud Technology Partners, a leader in transforming businesses through cloud solutions, today announced the addition of major new features and functionality to PaaSLane, a solution to assess and optimise Java and .NET applications for modernization and cloud readiness. PaaSLane 2.5 enables Java and .NET developers and quality assurance (QA) professionals to assess and optimise applications more quickly, easily and efficiently; and enables businesses to reduce capital and operational expenses by simplifying applications and facilitating cloud adoption. In addition, PaaSLane 2.5 provides customers with even greater flexibility, as it is now offered as two targeted solutions: PaaSLane Assess and PaaSLane Optimize.

Dalet unveils integrated platform solutions at IBC2014

Dalet Digital Media Systems, a provider of software-based solutions for media organizations, unveiled today its new platform lineup: Dalet Brio (high-density ingest and playout), Dalet AmberFin (high-quality transcoding), and Dalet Galaxy (enterprise MAM). These three distinct, yet tightly integrated platforms enable Dalet to answer both the current and future requirements of the media industry with a range of complementary products and modules that address targeted applications as well as combine to offer best-in-class business solutions.

Equilibrium announces MediaRich 4.0 64bit native with A/V Core 2.0

The MediaRich 4.0 for 64bit and A/V CORE all media server with GPU acceleration is available now. This server is a 64-bit application. MediaRich CORE can now process any size document as long as the system it is installed on has enough memory. The file I/O is now also 64-bit so, which means files bigger than 4GB can be read and written with the image formats that support large files.

WoodWing establishes Digital Publishing Production Services to support publishers and brands worldwide

WoodWing Software, a thought leader in multi-channel and digital publishing, has launched a new business unit called WoodWing Digital Services. With the move, WoodWing aims to support publishers and brands across the globe with comprehensive consulting and offshoring production in the field of digital publishing. Services offered pivot around the efficient implementation of strategies to tap the revenue and savings potential offered via a combined approach in print, online, tablet and mobile publishing. The team will work closely with WoodWing´s Authorized Solution Partners worldwide, enabling them to complete projects faster and to scale their business.

DATASERV CORP Meets Its High-Touch Customer Service Standards With Zetta.Net Enterprise-Grade Cloud Backup And Recovery Solution to deliver enterprise-grade cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions to its customers. After evaluating more than 10 cloud backup and recovery providers to replace its use of the discontinued Symantec Backup, DataServ selected for its affordability, ease of use, and ability to scale from small companies backing up hundreds of gigabytes of data, to several hundred-person firms backing up multiple terabyte server databases.